Free-tique Fans, Listen up!


I’m starting something new this year. I’m calling it “OFFICE HOURS”. Here’s the concept. Doctor Snoop will sit behind the computer to answer questions from his patients. Your session with Snoop will be private. You may email or chat with Snoop to communicate (or both!). During your session, you may ask questions like…

1) On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does my query suck?

2) Is this good enough to submit? Or does it work best as Snoop fodder?

3) Do you think this line is funny?

4) Tell me all the great things you like about my writing.

5) Tell me what you think about……(insert anything here).

The idea behind OFFICE HOURS is instant gratification. You won’t have to wait for an answer but you must give Snoop at least 30 seconds to read your writing sample if required. You can ask any question (please limit them to fiction children’s writing and/or Snoop’s dietary needs). Snoop will render an opinion as quickly as he can down a ginormous plate of salad. BUT YOU MUST REMEMBER: you are asking for only one bunny’s opinion. Don’t make a huge deal out of anything that is said unless it rings true to you, too.
So be on the look out for when Shoop declares, “What’s up, Doc?” Price of Admission is 5 carrot tops.

Specific guidelines to follow.


How do I look? *spins around in his white coat and stethoscope*

6 thoughts on “Free-tique Fans, Listen up!

  1. If you email Snoop during an “office hours” session, can you ask him about a freetique submission that didn’t make the grade (so long as you remind him of the general gist of the story)?

    1. In an office hours session, you can include up to 500 words with your question and you can ask a specific question about those 500 words. You’ll be amazed what Snoop can tell in the first 500 words of a manuscript.

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