free-tique round anyone? something new. it’s called FIRE DRILL

DOORS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey, everyone. Dude, I've been so busy. Congratulating all the W.I.Nners and getting back into the groove takes a lot of work. Also I just finished another revision today. So yay to that. But now here's the part you've been waiting for. FREE-TIQUES! Unfortunately I don't have much time to do really heavy stuff so I'm ruling out PB manuscripts for this round. Sorry, guys!

Now here we go:

Snoop buckles his fireman hat. He puts on his galoshes. He's about to call a "FIRE DRILL!"

How does it work?

Sirens wail.

Your house is on fire. (inspired by C LIU's recent events)

There's no time. Your computer is ablaze.

Fortunately you have a hard copy of your best unpublished work sitting right beside the machine. Oh no! The ms is burning right before your very eyes. You toss the ms to the ground and stamp out what you can. You snatch up the remnants and run out of the house. Then you remember to go back in and get out your family members and pets.

After all is done, you stand beside the fire truck and stare at the charred papers in your clutches. Snoop puts out the inferno.

Which scene do you pray has made it intact? What, out of all you've written, do you hope you won't ever have to rewrite?

Now think again. Contact Snoop by emailing him ONE of your favorite scenes from any unpublished, not under-contract work. An agent or editor can have the ms so long as he or she doesn't have THIS scene yet. You have between now and tomorrow 10PM CST. Snoop will pick out the scenes he likes most while Cynthea is galavanting in LA with other writers. He will award three lucky winners upon Cynthea's return with the RESCUE REWARD–a free-tique of that scene (no more than six dbl-spaced pages please.) Because let's face it–even some of your best stuff could use a second opinion).

Who can participate? Anyone whose "scene" does not violate the above rules. And any writer does not already have a RESERVED SLOT.

On your mark, get set, go!

Feel free to tell Snoop what the setup is so he can understand what he's reading. Then paste your scene directly below your message. Email cynthealiu AT yahoo dot com. Snoop will reply with a number. This number will be used to identify you when the results are announced. 

Good luck!


These boots are tight on my feet. Can I get a bigger size?

One thought on “free-tique round anyone? something new. it’s called FIRE DRILL

  1. I hate MSN. I e-mailed my Fire Drill scene attachment with Hotmail, and an anti-spam screen popped up in which I had to identify a curving string of numbers and letters to prevent my sending spam. I did so, and clicked to send, but I didn’t know ’til later that it probably did not go through. It was my fault for being in such a hurry, otherwise I’d have seen the tiny message that I might need to re-attach the file. Oh, well, maybe next time.

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