congrats tiquees: you rocked W.I.N.!

Well, well, well. Snoop does the Tiquee count. How many W.I.N.ners does Snoop personally know as tiquees? Can you guess?

Six! No, Seven? Or Eight?


Of course Snoop has not personally tasted all the winning tiquee works. BUT he will say TWO of the authors were also recent RLGL winners!

Can anyone out the tiquees for Snoop? Speak up so Snoop can post their names in all their glory!

One person has been outed.

Nina Nelson!

Nina, thank Amanda for outing you! Snoop claims innocence.

She joins another fabulous tiquee...Karen Kincy!

Otherwise known as Ravelda! (Please don’t eat Snoop, btw).

Next we have…

Natalie Lorenzi!

Natalie outs herself to me by personal message. That counts, too! Name look familiar? Yup, she won the Grand Prize in Red Light, Green Light, too. DANG.

Let’s not forget…

Tracy Holczer!
Wowowow! Can there possibly be more tiquees to hug? She took 1st Place for Middle Grade. It was all you, baby! Go do the Snoop Dance now.

Yes, there’s more…Taking 2nd Place in YA….

Elizabeth Parker!

Ohmigoodness. I think there are seven, maybe eight, as I realize who is who. I know Liz as Jadedmetaphor! Yay!

Next up… Brianna Sayres!

This lady rocked both RLGL (Easy Reader/PB free-tique slot) and W.I.N in the chapter book category. Way to go!

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