red light, green light sudden death results

Snoop read the remaining standby submissions and noted where he decided to stop reading. When two contestants surpassed the highest pages, he marked them as winners for the two reserved slots available.

These slots expire at the end of September. If you can't remember what a reserved slot was, it is a three-chapter look at your manuscript. The first chapter will be line-commented and the rest will be read for perspective. Big picture comments will be made as well to help identify how the opening chapters could be stronger. Reserved slots are hard to come by so Snoop encourages you to polish, polish, polish and use them when you need them. (Like before you're ready to send it out, etc.,)

So without further ado, the winners are… (Snoop opens the sealed envelope)

#44-YA and… #74-MG

Congratulations! Other contestants feel free to ask Snoop for his whys. And pat yourselves on the back for getting this far! He really did enjoy reading all of these standby works and he hopes to hear from you.

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