final results: red light, green light


Artwork provided by fellow tiquee Jack. Everyone ooo and ahhh!

WE HAVE A FULL-TIQUE WINNER. Snoop is so happy he has literally taken off for the heavens in a permanent state of green-ness (as indicated by the picture. He's not dead, guys. He's just floating, okay?)

The winner is entrant #23. You made it at 19 pages. Congratulations!

Now that RLGL is over, entrants, feel free to out yourselves if you so wish. And pat #23 on the back. 23 is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief right now.  


YA-82 – you cleared page 4! Thanks for playing!

MG-74 – you cleared page 7. Congratulations! You may participate in the Page-Off with other standbys if you so wish.

MG-41 – you cleared page 16. Congratulations! Now go bask in your 16-page glory.

Standbys, 24,27,44,40,74

Snoop has decided the Page-Off will be more like SUDDEN DEATH instead. So a winner can be chosen more quickly. Less stress for everyone, too. Send Snoop the first twenty-five pages of your manuscript (including the first seven pages). ATTACHED. ATTACHED. ATTACHED. He will announce two winners on Thursday (probably in the afternoon) and let everyone know how many pages he read before he made a decision.

Thanks, everyone! And PHEW! What a ride!

10 thoughts on “final results: red light, green light

  1. Yahoo! A BIG sigh of relief…now I’ll never get to sleep (it’s after midnight here in Italy where I live)! This is such an honor, and congratulations to everyone who entered, especially #5 and #18…you’ve both obviously got something special. A huge thanks to Snoop and Cynthea…what a fun way to motivate myself to tweak, cut and overhaul my manuscript!
    Ok, time for bed…Buona Notte a tutti! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Natalie!!!! Way to go!!!!
    Snoop and Cynthea, this was so much fun!! Thanks so much for this very cool contest!!!

  3. Congrats Natalie! Enjoy the full-tique! Applause to Cynthea and Snoop for putting so much work into this.
    Jackie (Entry #5)

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