RLGL feedback has been returned!

Hey, everyone,

Snoop and I are happy to report that we’ve finished all feedback for this last game of RLGL. If we missed yours somehow, please forward your WHY WHY WHY email to sub at cynthealiu DOT come or leave us a comment. If you missed the deadline to formally request feedback, we’re sorry, but Snoop and I need to move on with other important writerly matters at this time. Like catching up on our favorite reality TV shows and stuff.

Also, many of you are sending your thanks or wondering if you can even send your thanks … 🙂 Of course, we gladly except thank you emails, comments on our blog, shout-outs on your blogs, virtual carrots… We love praise!  In fact we kinda thrive on knowing that we’re helping people out.

If you want to do more than just a shout-out of love, we, as authors, can’t think of any bigger compliment than knowing you wouldn’t mind owning a Liu-Snooper book! 🙂 So feel free to load up your virtual shopping carts or go to your local bookstore and order them up!

Take care, everyone. I hope to see many of you in LA for the SCBWI Annual Conference. I’m on faculty this year—doing what? Why, critiquing of course!  (Snooper will be at home though. He’s on toddler-duty.) Please say Hi.  You’ll find me at the Wine and Cheese Reception, hanging out in the patio area, and getting down on the dance floor.

I look forward to meeting you in person!

Happy revising,
Cynthea and The Snooper!

8 thoughts on “RLGL feedback has been returned!

  1. Cynthea, I am a bit confused. I just got the invitation to join this free-tique round less than an hour ago, sent in my first 125 words and refreshed my email to find…. the link to this saying you have already commented on the entries.

    Did I miss something?

  2. I’m not sure if I was missed or if I just don’t understand…I got the e-mail on this earlier today and mailed right away, but this is my first time playing. Help? (And thanks, of course!) 🙂

    1. I’m in the same boat with Lydia. Today is the first time I’ve ever received an email since signing up months ago. Following the links & instructions, it seems that this RLGL has already ended? Please help clarify as I would love to participate.

      1. Hi Mark and Lydia,

        Unfortunately, my email server is playing lots of fun games with me. It send out an old message about a free-tique round that should have gotten to you way back in May. As a result, a bunch of people, yourselves included, never got the notice about the free-tique round.

        We are so sorry this happened. At this time, we can’t get another round started because of our schedule. (In addition to the TV viewing, we do have to focus on preparing for our upcoming conferences.)

        We promise we’ll make it up with you with another opportunity soon, and we will do something about our email server. Like throw it against the wall or something!

        We feel just awful about this!

        Cynthea (and The Snooper, who swears up and down that he didn’t do it!)

  3. Thank you Snooper for the wonderful feedback on my entry. Although I did not win the RLGL contest, I enjoyed the game and look forward to playing again. Thanks. I love your site.

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