RLGL is officially over: how to get feedback

Well, we’ve read, we’ve mulled, we’ve chewed.

The winner for RLGL in the longer-work category is #102! #102, you do not need to do anything to receive your free-tique, other than to remind Snoop on July 1st that we promised to finish it by June 30th!

All other SUDDEN DEATH players, all of you will receive some quick criticism – in-the-style-of-“brief-and-to-the-point” automatically. In addition to 102, some of you may be referred to my agent for a peek but I’ll discuss that with you before doing so.

#8, I did not receive your entry prior to the deadline. If you sent it in on time, please contact me and let me know.

All other players who participated in RLGL and would like a quick-crit, please follow these instructions carefully.

For each entry that needs feedback, send an email with this in the subject line: WHY, WHY, WHY? ENTRY #, Type, Pg #s. (e.g., WHY, WHY, WHY? #250, PB, Pg 1-2, THE BUN ALSO RISES).   Same address sub AT cynthealiu dotcom.

In the body of the email, paste in everything you sent in for that entry. If you sent in Page 1-5, you would paste in all of that text in logical, chronological order (no need for breaks). This way Snoop can quickly read over the entry again from start to stop, refresh his memory, and let you know what led to the elimination.

EVERYONE will need to remember the solemn free-tique oath.

This feedback will probably not contain many bells and whistles, given the # of entries we need to respond to. So understand, that we may not be commenting specifically on the positive aspects of your writing. Instead, we will just let you know what wasn’t working for us. No one should feel suckage after a crit like this  just because we skipped the sugar, okay?

You have until June 19th, 11:59PM CST to request feedback.

Do not ask for status on feedback until after Snoop has announced he is finished! Thanks for your patience, and thanks for being so brave to submit your stuff to The Snooper! He’s got enough fiber in his diet to last a millenium, thanks to you!   We’ll see you next time around!

Happy revising,

Cynthea (and Snoop!)

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