RLGL results: round two

Just an FYI: Please remember to include your number, genre, page number, and your MS title in your email subjects. If you’re just joining us, don’t worry about the number. You’ll get one.

Lots for Snoop to keep track of.

Oh, and if your number is missing from the results, do not hesitate to let us know.

Finally if you are on page 2 or higher, please send FULL pages (dbl-spaced). Don’t worry about formatting when it’s pasted into email. Snoop is an expert at reading alien language.

New Entries: 36-40.

Snoop says,”Red Light!”

2-PB, 15-PB, 18-YA, 19-PB, 21-PB, 28-MG, 29-PB, 40-PB – Please go back to start.

1-MG, 3-YA, 4-YA, 5-YA, 6-YA, 8-MG, 9-MG, 11-MG, 12-MG, 14-CB, 20-CB, 22-YA, 24-YA, 25-MG, 26-MG, 27-PB, 30-YA, 33-MG, 34-YA, 35-PB – Proceed to Page 3.

36-YA, 37-YA, 38-PB, 39-YA – Proceed to Page 2.

Snoop says, “Green Light!”

Round Three Deadline is 4PM CST. The PBs have been hit hard, for sure. But if you’re a novelist, don’t think you’re sitting pretty. Snoop has a few he’s picking out to eat for lunch. Make sure every page is strong, people!

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