RLGL results: round one

First, if you saw the password protected page, that’s your signal that I’m working on the results. Do not ask me for a password. You won’t need it. Just wait until I publish the page, my dears.

Second, if you don’t advance to the next round, you should not feel upset or rejected, even though your mind and body might try to tell you you should. You’re looking for a match. And if Snoop isn’t it, c’est la vie. He’s a fickle bunny. Instead have fun with this! Send in another 1/2 page of a different work for the next round and see if that works for him better.

Third, here are the results. If your number is allowed to advance to the next page, send it in PASTED to SNOOP at CYNTHEALIU DOT COM. TITLE the EMAIL with your NUMBER, GENRE (PB, ER, CB, MG, YA) and MS TITLE. This page should be a full dbl-spaced page this time. Don’t worry about the formatting when you paste it into email. Do not send more than this. Snoop does count lines if he thinks people are getting ahead of themselves. So please follow the rules.

Snoop says, “Red Light!”
7-PB, 10-PB, 16-PB, 17, 23, 31-PB, 32-PB – Go back to start.

All others, proceed to page 2.

Snoop says, “Green Light!”

You have until 11 AM CST tomorrow to send in your pages for the morning round.

And remember, if you got sent back to the beginning, you can re-enter the race with a different work. Starting from Page 1.

Good luck, everyone.

3 thoughts on “RLGL results: round one

  1. I missed! it says I was to go to page 2 but never saw this post, then yesterday was my son’s birthday and I wasn’t online. is it too late?

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