RLGL Round 4 Results complete, New Racers may enter at any time

Snoop says, RED LIGHT! Thanks for your patience. We had quite a full day today.  Round 4 judging is now complete!

We have a winner in the PB category. *PB entries may still compete for the glory of making it the end and getting some feedback when this whole thing is done. *

NEW RACERS: Visit this post for full details on how this game is played.

An asterisk next to your X means Snoop is just looking for reasons to eat your work.

Snoop is noticing that a lot of picture books are coming in as short-story/older works posing as picture book manuscripts.  Please check out our Revision 9-1-1 article for picture books for other reasons why your submissions might be getting eaten.

Novelists/Longer-Work people: are you checking your pages to make sure your characters aren’t totally woe-is-me, down-on-themselves-or-haters in the opening pages?  Your characters don’t have to be all happy and friendly, but they do need to show some redeeming qualities for Snoop to want to read about them.

Also, are you taking the LONG route to get to the point? Make sure you’re moving the story forward. Snoop has a huge feeling a lot of works in Round 5 are going to meet an untimely death by-way-of-giant-incisors if you don’t do something to tighten the pacing. Cut out stuff that doesn’t need to be there.  Or CHOMP-CHOMP-CHOMP!

Number Type Send in next 250 words Back to start – Rd4
1 YA X*
2 PB
4 PB X
6 YA X
8 YA X
9 YA
10 MG
12 MG
16 MG X
18 YA
23 MG X*
25 MG X
27 MG X*
29 YA
31 YA X*
32 PB
33 PB
40 CB
42 MG X*
44 MG X*
47 MG X*
49 YA X
52 MG X*
55 PB
57 MG X*
59 MG X
61 MG
67 MG X
70 MG X*
72 MG
85 MG X
87 MG X
88 MG X*
91 MG X*
95 YA
97 CB X*
98 YA X
99 MG X
102 MG X*
111 MG
116 YA X*
118 MG X
120 MG X
123 MG X
125 PB X*
127 CB X*
128 YA
129 YA
130 MG X*
134 YA X*
135 MG X
137 PB X
138 MG X
139 YA X
140 YA X
142 PB X
143 MG X
144 YA X*
145 CB X
146 CB X*
148 YA X
149 YA X*
153 MG X
154 MG X*
155 PB X
156 CB X
157 PB X*
158 MG X*
159 YA X
160 PB X
161 YA X*
162 PB X*
163 PB X
164 PB X
165 PB X
166 MG X*
167 MG X
168 PB X
169 PB X
170 CB X

If you do not see your number posted here or did not receive a number, this means …
1) Your submission did not make the deadline for that round. It will be rolled into the next.
2) Our reply with your number landed in your spam box. (Please check your spam box before asking about your number, thanks!)
3) Your submission landed in Snoop’s spam box or we somehow missed your entry. If you believe this is the case, simply re-forward your submission and explain the situation. If you believe we are not getting your emails at all, feel free to leave a comment on this post, and we will definitely get your message off the site.

Thanks and good luck in the next round!

SNOOP SAYS, Green Light!  The deadline for Round 5 is Wednesday, May 26th, 11:59PM CST.

9 thoughts on “RLGL Round 4 Results complete, New Racers may enter at any time

  1. I didn’t receive a number from Snoop for my Round 3 RLGL submission. I resubmitted it showing the date and time of original submission. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you to both you and Snoop for taking the time to do this. This is the best RLGL game ever!

  2. Yes, congratulations to PB winner 106.
    And thanks so much to Cynthea for doing this— lots of fun, even with the astericks Snoop keeps giving me.

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