RLGL – next round is last one for new entries

Hey all,

NEW RACERS: Visit this post for full details on how this game is played.

Snoop and I are packing for Mem Day weekend and doing all sorts of crazy stunts to get ourselves together. We anticipate Round 5 judging will occur late tonight.  No worries though, you will have plenty of time to turn in Round 6 pages.  Snoop thinks the next deadline will be on Monday.  Anything sent after the last deadline (May 26, 11:59PM CST) will be rolled into Round 6.

Also, this will probably be the last big push before Snoop decides he’s going to need dentures. After Monday’s deadline, we will have to stop issuing new entry numbers.  So if you’ve been debating, NOW is the time to enter if you do not have something dangling in front of Snoop’s choppers already.

Thank you!

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