RLGL Round 6 Results complete, no more new manuscripts

Snoop says, RED LIGHT.  Round 6 results are complete.

Existing racers: PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ENTRY NUMBERS in the subject line as well as the correct page # for this contest (not what’s in your manuscript).

After page 1, do not send  more than 250 words or less than 250 words.  This ensures everyone competes equally.  We don’t care if a sentence has been cut off or if you’ve ended a chapter.  250 WORDS (including chapter titles, etc.) Thanks!

NOVELISTS: If you have or are about to send in Page 7 of your manuscript for Round 7, there’s a good chance that Snoop will ask for a SUDDEN DEATH round if your page clears.  Sudden death will involve a page-off between racers who are tied at Page 7.  Stay tuned for that.

All racers: please hang tight until this RLGL is completely done before asking for feedback. There are specific procedures for that which Snoop has not yet unveiled.

If there is an asterisk by your X – that means Snoop is about ready to eat your manuscript so make sure you are tightening your pages!

Number Type Send in next 250 words Back to start – Rd 6
8 YA X
9 YA X
10 MG
12 MG X
18 YA X
27 MG X
29 YA
32 PB
33 PB
40 CB X
42 MG X
52 MG X*
55 PB
59 MG X
61 MG
67 MG X*
72 MG
85 MG X*
87 MG X
88 MG X*
91 MG X
95 YA
98 YA X
99 MG X*
102 MG X*
106 PB
111 MG
125 PB
127 CB X
128 YA X
129 YA X
130 MG X*
134 YA
135 MG X
139 YA X*
140 YA X*
142 PB
143 MG X*
144 YA X*
146 CB X*
153 MG X
154 MG X*
157 PB
158 MG X*
159 YA X*
161 YA X
166 MG
167 MG X
172 YA
173 PB X*
174 PB
175 PB X
176 MG X
178 PB X
179 PB X*
181 YA X*
182 PB X*
183 PB X*
184 YA X
185 YA X
186 PB X
187 PB X*
188 PB X
189 MG X*
190 PB X
191 MG X
175 PB X
192 PB X
193 YA X
194 YA X
195 YA X
196 YA X
197 YA X
198 MG X*
199 MG X*
200 YA X*
201 CB
202 PB X*
203 YA X*
204 PB X*

SNOOP SAYS, Green Light. Entries who cleared this round, you have until tonight, June 2nd, 11:59PM CST to turn in your next 250 words. NO NEW MANUSCRIPTS from anyone, please. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “RLGL Round 6 Results complete, no more new manuscripts

  1. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into this contest.

    I’ve had two manuscripts converted to bunny manure so far 😛 (sending in lucky number three shortly . . .), but I wanted to check one point – I’m assuming the other two didn’t make it through due to something like premise, pacing, etc., but after reading today’s post: would they have been eliminated if I either a)didn’t include the chapter title in the word count, and/or b)didn’t send the exact word count? I had used the closest to 250 I could get without going over, and didn’t realize I was also supposed to be counting the chapter title.

    No complaints, I’d just like to know if I should be taking another look at my stories, or at my instruction interpretation skills, hehehe :).

    Thanks again!

    1. I did not receive your next page for Round 6 judging. A result for your number was posted back in Round 5. If we somehow missed page 2, forward the email and let us know! Thanks!

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