RLGL: round six

Woah, we have five, not four, entries that cleared page six.

I have one PB entry clearly in the lead in the last round.

Because this contest has to end tonight, at least the semi-real-time portion of it, we have to make some decisions here.

Novelists: The five entries that cleared page six, you will play SUDDEN DEATH. Submit your first 25 pages by tomorrow 9PM CST and Snoop will announce the winner as soon as he can read your manuscripts. (Probably Friday). Snoop will pick a grand-prize winner and one runner up. Grand-Prize winner gets the full-tique and runner up gets the free-tique slot. And two entrants will walk away with the consolation prize. The ability to tout on Verla’s that they cleared page 6. Yeah, sorry folks. But we can’t do much more.

As for the PB people, only one entrant got as far as they did in the last round. Snoop and I have conferred and because of the time constraints, RLGL must sadly end here. I really had hoped we could play enough rounds for someone to clear. But after we broke Snoop’s email, that dream slipped away.

And now for the results…so people can see how they did…

Snoop says,”Red Light!”

New Entries: 65-70

39-YA, 47-PB, 58-YA, 63-PB, 65-YA, 66-PB, 70-PB – Back to start.

5-YA, 11-MG, 12-MG, 22-YA, 24-YA, – You will be playing sudden death.

48-PB, you secured a free-tique slot. Congrats!

50-YA, 53-PB, 56-MG, 64-MG, 59-CB, 67-PB, 68-MG, 69-PB- You cleared your last page. Thanks for playing.


*= I did not receive your page.

That’s it, everyone (except for the Sudden Death entries). You may now start asking Snoop, why, why, why?A few instructions: Please PASTE everything you had sent to Snoop into your email with your entry numbers. That way Snoop won’t have to try to look you up in order to tell you why he sent the entry back to start. We’ll try to give you that closure every writer lusts for. But keep in mind: your responses might be very short. There were a lot of entries and there just isn’t a lot of time to answer.

Happy revising!

Cynthea and Snoop

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