RLGL: Round 5

Do no be eliminated because of a technicality. Please include your entry number, your page number, your MS title in the SUBJECT of your email. If you have just entered, don’t worry about your entry number. Snoop will give you one.

Coming down the home stretch. Because we lost a round due to the email glitch, Snoop and I have conferred and we’ve decided that SIX pages will be the limit to qualify for a free-tique. And bonus play. In the event of any ties, we’ll play SUDDEN DEATH. But you have to clear page six, yes? The last round is never a freebie. Everyone should be reading over their next pages carefully.

And just a reminder: No one should feel rejected or hurt by the results. Especially the PB folks. This is supposed to be fun. Exciting. Not depressing. One bunny’s opinion is not everybunny’s opinion.

If your number is missing from the results, do not hesitate to let us know.

New Entries: 59-64.

Snoop says,”Red Light!”

30-YA, 34-YA, 36-YA, 51-PB, 52-PB, 54-PB, 60-PB, 61-PB, 62-YA – Please go back to start.

5-YA, 11-MG, 12-MG, 22-YA, 24-YA, 33-MG – Proceed to Page 6.

39-YA – Proceed to Page 5.

42-MG, 47-PB, 48-PB, 50-YA- Proceed to Page 4

53-PB, 56-MG, 58-YA – Proceed to Page 3.

59-CB, 63-PB, 64-MG – Proceed to Page 2

*= I did not receive your page.

Snoop says, “Green Light!”

Next deadline for Round 6 is 9PM CST TODAY.

One thought on “RLGL: Round 5

  1. Hello again…I messed up practically every round but it never slowed me down. So, having submitted yet another piece this morning, I’ve not recieved a number. Next time I’ll be soooo ready for this. For your time and enthusiasm, I thank you. C Stroud

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