RLGL: round three

Please remember to include your number, genre, page number, and your MS title in your email subjects. If you’re just joining us, don’t worry about the number. You’ll get one. Anyone who fails to do this will be subject to elimination!

If your number is missing from the results, do not hesitate to let us know.

Finally, PB people, you must clear your last page to win a slot.

New Entries: 41-51.

Snoop says,”Red Light!”

3-YA, 4-YA, 14-CB, 8-MG, 20-CB, 26-MG, 27-PB, 35-PB, 37-YA, 38-PB, 41-PB, 43-YA, 44-PB, 45-PB – Please go back to start.

1-MG, 5-YA, 6-YA, 9-MG, 11-MG, 12-MG, 22-YA, 24-YA, 25-MG, 30-YA, 33-MG, 34-YA, – Proceed to Page 4.

33-MG*, 36-YA, ,39-YA – Proceed to Page 3.

42-MG, 46-PB, 47-PB, 48-PB, 49-MG, 50-YA, 51-PB – Proceed to Page 2

*= I did not receive your page. Please contact me.

Snoop says, “Green Light!”

If you have already sent your pages, and you are still in the race, no worries. If you were sent back to start, you can always try another work for the next round. Okay, so this is what’s no fun. I’m behind and my hubby isn’t too pleased. Stupid email. Snoop and I are going to have to recommence with Round 4 results tomorrow. I will announce those tomorrow around 10AM CST, if not sooner. The next round deadline, if you make it to Round 5 will be 4PM CST so you all can plan accordingly. Night everyone!

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