RLGL: round 4

Do no be eliminated because of a technicality. Snoop is going bonkers trying to find entries that are improperly labeled. So please include your entry number, your page number, your MS title in the SUBJECT of your email. If you have just entered, don’t worry about your entry number. Snoop will give you one.

A word of warning: Novelists: some of you are taking the long way to tell your story. Uh-oh….

Picture Book people: search my website for the article on Revision 9-1-1 for picture books. It’s not too late to up your chances.

And just a reminder: No one should feel rejected or hurt by these results. Remember it is only one opinion. Snoop only hopes you have a lot of fun and learn an important lesson from this exercise–>SNOOP LOVES MANUSCRIPTS! Okay, that isn’t the lesson. But I think most of you know what that is.

If your number is missing from the results, do not hesitate to let us know.

Finally, PB people, you must clear your last page to win a slot.

New Entries: 52-58.

Snoop says,”Red Light!”

1-MG, 6-YA, 9-MG, 25-PB, 46-PB, 49-MG, 55-PB, 57-PB, Please go back to start.

5-YA, 11-MG, 12-MG, 22-YA, 24-YA, 30-YA, 33-MG, 34-YA, – Proceed to Page 5.

36-YA, 39-YA – Proceed to Page 4.

42-MG, 47-PB, 48-PB, 50-YA, 51-PB, 54-PB- Proceed to Page 3

52-PB, 53-PB, 56-MG, 58-YA – Proceed to Page 2.

*= I did not receive your page.

Snoop says, “Green Light!”

Next deadline for Round 5 is 4PM CST.

3 thoughts on “RLGL: round 4

  1. Oh, well, I’m out but I appreciate the tremendous effort that goes into this. Good luck to those still in the running. Thank you for the generosity to offer to do this!

  2. Darn it! Did I miss the deadline for this round? I’m on PST, not CST, and I wasn’t sure you meant 4 pm today or tomorrow. I sent my page in a little after 4…

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