Round 1 Results will be posted soon: Free-tique feedback codes

Hello, everyone,

New participants – get your first half-page submission ready. A new round will be announced tonight. Do not send it though until the next round is open. (Round 2)

Existing participants – results for Round 1 will be posted soon.  In the meanwhile, familiarize yourself with our free-tique feedback codes.

If your work is eliminated in this round, you will receive one or more of these codes.  Remember: we are reviewing 80+ works in this round. If those opening lines don’t stand out right away, Kissy will point that paw to the starting line.  We want you to think deeply about what it looks like to editors and agents, too, when they tackle their slush piles.  They’re looking for the diamond in the “ruff,” something to howl about. Any excuse to reject cuts down on their workload considerably.  It doesn’t necessarily mean your concept or idea has no promise; it just means there wasn’t enough on the first half-page to keep Kissy or me involved with your story. So keep that in mind!

Stay tuned ….


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