Round 10 Update; RLGL Coming to a Close

Hello everyone,  unfortunately,  our Round 10 goal was not met, HOWEVER we see no reason to disappoint people, given all that you’ve done to help our furry friends.  Kissy and I are going to keep the Round 10 and drop the Round 11 instead. The deadline to submit to Round 10 is tonight (9/24/2012 11:59pm CST).  Please be patient with us on Round 10 results.  It may not be until after October 1st before we get finished reading them all.

Ten is a good number anyway, and an even better number was the amount we raised for PAWS – $1810!!!

The walk was amazing.  Kissy woke up early to go and he managed to do most of the 4k on his own.  There were a few times he needed some help.  But in the end the dog did it! Woof!

Thank you all so much for playing RLGL with us. You’ll also be happy to know that because we raised so much money, Kissy won a Wii!  We are donating it to a women’s shelter or children’s hospital for the holidays. So feel good that some human kiddos will also benefit from all of your efforts.

Terrific job, everyone, and again, please stay tuned (October 2nd, roughly) for more information about all the prizes that were given out during this game and Round 10 results. We’ve got a lot to think about how we’re going to coordinate all of this, so please sit tight, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Also if anyone is considering a paid critique,  this is a friendly reminder that the submission deadline for October  is October 5th.

Woof! Woof!

Walk on, folks! We’ll be in touch soon!



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