round eight results: red light, green light


We have another winner. 1 novel reserved slot goes to #18. Congratulations!

(Art work provided by fellow tiquee Jack.  Everyone ooo and ahhhh!)  

Also #5 is participating in Bonus Play!

#18, you may continue to sub so long as you do not get the "go back to start" command (herein, known as Bonus Play). If this happens, you forfeit your reserved slot. But if you win Bonus play, you earn a FULL-TIQUE.

Both novel slots have been filled but that does not mean it's over for NOVELS/Chapter Books.

Here's the deal. Snoop has checked his calendar and the race will end on July 18th (not sure when on that day). But this means, all novelists/chapter book writers can continue to compete until the last round (they may even win a reserved slot in the process if something happens to 5 and 18). Whoever is left standing on the furthest page wins THE FULL-TIQUE. In the event of a tie there will be a page-off (competitors submit pages until Snoop decides which book works better for him). Keep in mind, Snoop has seen plenty of novels crash and burn on page 15, 20, 25, whatever. When that happens, he eats them and then tells them to go back to the start line. #5, #18, you decidedly have an advantage but there is plenty of competition on your tail.

So 5 has given an answer, but 18, what will it be? Ohhhhh!

Also there is only one competitor left with an ER/PB. And there is one slot to win. Who wants to give #55 a run for his money?  🙂 

Now back to business.

New entries:

57 (renumbered because of a clerical error)


20,43,50,52,53 – go back to start.

56* – proceed to page 2.

MG-48**,ER-55 – proceed to page 3.

YA-27,YA-40*,YA-44,YA-46,MG-47- proceed to page 4.

MG-39, MG-41,YA-42, CB-57 – proceed to page 5.

MG-24 – proceed to page 6.

YA-23 – proceed to page 7. (If others who have come before you go back to start, you could have an opportunity to win the reserved slot if you clear page 7.)


The next results will be posted tonight. Probably around 7PM CST. Not sure yet.

If you don't see your number here, let me know.

Good luck, everyone!

5 thoughts on “round eight results: red light, green light

  1. Hi Cynthea–

    Just wanted to check…if a chapter ends on a page with only a few lines, should we lump that with the previous page, or does it count as its own page?

  2. Good question.

    You send it to me as the text appears in the manuscript. So if there are only two lines on a page, that’s what I’ll get. Because everyone is using different fonts and slightly different formats, I don’t expect people to mess with their manuscripts for RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT. Just send the pages to me as any editor or agent would see it.

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