round seven results: red light, green light (two winners!)


We have two winners. 1 PB slot goes to #37. 1 novel/chapter book slot goes to #5. Congratulations!

Note: the above drawing was created by Jack, a fellow tiquee, and I think it is highly appropriate for the occasion. It’s gorgeous!

#5, you may continue to sub so long as you do not get the “go back to start” command (herein, known as Bonus Play). If this happens, you forfeit your reserved slot. (Ohhhhhhhh!) But if you win Bonus play, you earn a FULL-TIQUE. That’s an in-depth critique of your entire novel. So what’ll it be? You may comment anonymously or send me an email with your decision. Either way, I will post your answer to the next round of results so people may see what your decision was. Your secret identity will be maintained (unless you choose to out yourself, of course).

#37, You made it! Go dance around with your bad self like the picture suggests.

Now back to business.

New entries:



19,49,54 – go back to start.

MG-48*,52,53,55,56 – proceed to page 2

27,YA-40* CB-43,YA-44,YA-46,MG-47,MG-50 – proceed to page 3.

MG-39, MG-41,YA-42 – proceed to page 4.

MG-24, YA-23*- proceed to page 5.

MG-20 – proceed to page 6.

YA-18 – proceed to page 7.


The next results will be posted tomorrow morning. Probably before 10AM CST, barring any major fires, including a possible Tamarak microwave explosion.

If you don’t see your number here, let me know.

Good luck, everyone!

4 thoughts on “round seven results: red light, green light (two winners!)

  1. Hi Cynthea–
    My entry has an asterix next to it and it says I’m supposed to send a page that I already sent to you (sent just before noon your time). Does the asterix mean you didn’t receive that page? Or was it lost in the fire? 😉

    P.S. Congrats to #5 and #37!

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