round eighteen results: red light, green light




No one goes back to start. Yippee!

PB-80* proceed to page 2.

YA-82 – proceed to page 3.

MG-48* – proceed to page 4.

MG-74 – proceed to page 6.

MG-41 – proceed to page 15.

YA-23 – proceed to page 17.

YA-18 – proceed to page 18.


The next results will be posted around noon CST. If you are afraid you will miss a round (there will be at least one more today), you may send Snoop an extra page in advance but no more. Understand you may not clear your next page though. But at least you'll have a chance to keep up. 

Make sure you're tightening those pages.

If you don't see your number here, let me know.

Good luck, everyone!

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