round nineteen results: red light, green light




YA-18, please go back to start. Snoop wants you to know he is crushed to have to do this. But he hopes you will view this as an accomplishment, not a defeat. Please do ask Snoop why. He hopes to hear from you.

PB-80* proceed to page 2.

MG-48*, YA-82 – proceed to page 4.

MG-74 – proceed to page 7.

MG-41 – proceed to page 16.

YA-23 – proceed to page 18.


Make sure you’re tightening that last page.

The next results will be posted around 5PM (CST). This will be the last round. For standbys, I will be posting instructions for a final PAGE-OFF round to win the reserved slots. So look out for that this evening.

If you don’t see your number here, let me know.

Good luck, everyone!

2 thoughts on “round nineteen results: red light, green light

  1. Oh Snoop, please do not be crushed! You and Cynthea have been tremendously generous with your time and attention these past two weeks, and I want you to know how much I have appreciated both. Thank you so much for everything! 🙂
    And good luck to all of the other contestants!

  2. Snoop says, “Phew!”
    He’s glad to hear from you. He was about to go jump off a cliff and then he got your message. 🙂 I’ve coaxed him back to safer ground.

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