round six results: red light, green light

Hi everyone, two new rules:

When you see the password protected page, please hold off on asking me for a password. I'm working on the results and your emails slow me down. When the results are ready, you will not need a password. Just refresh the page until the results appear.  🙂

Also, when you're subbing a new page one, I assign it a new number. So please don't include old entry numbers with new entries. I number the entries, not the people.  This helps me keep track of each entry that comes to me. 

Alright, here it is! 

New entries:



CB-9,PB-10,PB-32,PB-45 – go back to start. 

Snoop is very sad to see some numbers go back to start. Some of you have been in the rounds since the beginning of the race. Snoop wants you to remember this is only one bunny's opinion and ultimately it was not right for him. But he encourages you to try another work.

CB-43,YA-44,YA-46,MG-47,MG-48,PB-49,MG-50 – proceed to page 2

27,PB-37,MG-39,YA-40,MG-41,YA-42 – proceed to page 3.

MG-24 – proceed to page 4.

MG-20,YA-23 – proceed to page 5.

YA-18, CB-19 – proceed to page 6.

YA-5 – proceed to page 7. (novelists, you must clear this page to secure a slot)


The next results will be posted this afternoon/evening?  Not sure yet.


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