round five results: red light, green light

Hi everyone, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ENTRY NUMBERS AND BOOK TYPE in your future email subject lines (if you have a number). I will begin disqualifying participants if this rule is broken. I'm starting to get irritated. 🙂 

Also let me know if I missed you somehow. 

New entrants:



29,33,34,35,36,38 – go back to start.

37,39,40,41,42 – proceed to page 2.

27 – proceed to page 3.

20,23 – proceed to page 4.

19-CB,18-YA – proceed to page 5.

5-YA,9-CB,10-PB – proceed to page 6. 

SNOOP SAYS, "GREEN LIGHT!"  The next results will be posted Monday morning if all goes as planned. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

One thought on “round five results: red light, green light

  1. Hi 24, I looked you up and it appears I got your pages (2 and 3) after I posted results for Round Five. Therefore, your results will appear in Round Six on Monday. Did you send the pages to be on Friday night? That’s what the email says.

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