third round results: red light, green light

New entrants:


All partcipants: please add entry numbers and book type to your future email titles. Like so: entry #29, MG novel, page 3, MS TITLE. Something like that. It helps me tabulate things faster and I'll be able to post what type of books have made it as far as they have. If you're just beginning the race, something like, "page 1, Chapter book, MS title" is fine. Thanks!

Snoop says, "RED LIGHT!"

6, 8, 22- go back to start.

20,21,23,24,25,26 – proceed to page 2.

14,18,19 proceed to page 3.

5,9,10, proceed to page 4.

Snoop says, "GREEN LIGHT!"

Next round results will be announced sometime in the afternoon. Probably around 4PM CST.

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