round four results: red light, green light

If you held back from sending me your next page after third round results (20,21,24,26), please go ahead and send page 2 and 3. Let me know you are behind one round because of the disruption.  I will let you catch up to the others (if you clear the pages).  

If you do not see your number posted here, let me know.  

Do not forget to put your entry # and the book type in your email titles. THANKS! 

New entrants:



15,17,25,28,30,31 – go back to start.

20*,21*, 24*, 26*,27,29,32, – proceed to page 2.

23 – proceed to page 3.

9,18,19, proceed to page 4.

5-YA,10-PB, proceed to page 5. 


Next results will be announced sometime this evening (say, 6PM CST) 



7 thoughts on “round four results: red light, green light

  1. A friend of mine just told me about ‘red light green light’ – can I still play by submitting page one of my MG when the game starts again?
    Ann Marie

  2. Cynthea, thank you for your generosity in running your freetiques. I just found out that the Haystack Writing Conference probably won’t be offered again (coordinator moving to Boston), so I signed up at the last minute and am leaving tomorrow for Portland (I live south of there). I won’t be able to follow up on your postings here, since I’ll not be online until I get back Friday night. If I’d known I was going, I’d not have submitted anything for this freetique. Again, many thanks for all you do to help both budding writers and pros.

  3. The contest may still be going on Friday! 🙂 So do not be surprised if your number continues to show up in each round. Thanks for letting me know though. Have fun at the conference!

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