I Dared To Email an Attachment To an Agent

Yes. That’s right, folks. I attached three sample chapters to my email when I queried my agent. Keep in mind: the agency’s guidelines said query with three chapters and a synopsis for novels. Then it said queries would be taken by email or mail. So I was okay to email. But understand my dilemma. Did this mean I should only “query” by email (with nothing attached) or attach my sample chapters? To figure this out, I utilized every theorem in Philosophy 101 (or maybe it was Algebra…if a + b = c, then c-b = a…) Finally, I came to a conclusion. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t know what to do. The agent didn’t have to open the attachment if she didn’t want to. And if she deleted me for being stupid, so be it.

I typed in my query and attached the sample chapters and the synopsis. I pressed the send button.

Six hours later, I received this email:

Ms. Liu,

Please send the complete manuscript to the address below, ATTN: AGENT. On the outside of the envelope, please write REQUESTED: MS TITLE. This will ensure that I open the ms. sooner than later. Looking forward to reading MS TITLE.


And now you know.

If you’re taking the crash course, return to Step Seven – Send Out Your Work.

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